What to Tell Your Viewers to Do

ell Viewers what to do

If you are an aspiring YouTube vlogger, chances are you want a few things out of the experience. Two of which is a high subscriber count and some income from your content. One aspect of achieving these goals comes from a simple yet effective method of creator-viewer interaction: telling your viewers to like, comment, subscribe and click that notification bell. If you don’t, there’s a higher chance of a viewer not doing any of those things and just heading over to a different channel. It sounds hard to believe, but telling your viewers how you want them to subscribe, like, etc. definitely encourages them to do so.

Tell your viewers to enable channel notifications

In the past, all a viewer had to do to get notified of a channel’s uploads was subscribe to said channel. But YouTube’s rules have changed since then. Now, in order to make sure your audience is notified when you upload a new video, encourage them to enable notifications on your channel. Tell them that if they enjoyed your video and would like to see more from you, they should click the bell icon to be notified of your new content.

Ask viewers to subscribe, like, and share

This is a rather obvious step, but it is important to mention nonetheless. In your videos, be sure to ell Viewers what to doask your viewers to subscribe if they haven’t already. Also ask them to click the thumbs up if they want to see more videos like the one they just watched, and to share the video with their friends and followers on social media.

Once again, this is an obvious and simple step, but it’s more effective than you might think about getting your videos more positive feedback and more viewers.

Ask viewers to leave a comment

Whether people leave silly comments or genuine ones, they’re a good way to interact with and get to know your audience. Ask your viewers to leave a comment with feedback, or one answering a question you left for them in the video. Perhaps you could even ask them to request future videos in their comment.

Once your channel reaches a high subscriber count, it won’t be possible to respond to EVERY comment. However, in the beginning, it would be good to try and respond to every comment (except for any hateful ones, those are best to ignore). Once you reach a higher subscriber count, just respond to as many as you can. Another good way to interact with comments is to “heart” them. The commenter will receive a notification that you hearted their comment, which will encourage them to interact with your channel more. You can also pin comments to the top of the comment section. You could pin your own comment, of course, but pinning a viewer’s comment is also a good option.

Be sure to mention in your videos that you would like to interact with your audience and get to know them more. This will also encourage them to comment and interact with you in return.

Have a meaningful, beneficial call to action at the beginning and end of your video

Do you have a website of your own where you make more content and/or sell merchandise and other creations? Do you have social media accounts you’d like to use to interact more with your audience and have them get to know you better? Do you have a Patreon with exclusive content that patrons can receive in exchange for money? If you have these or any other site you’d like your viewers to visit, telling them at the beginning and/or end of the video to check out these sites will increase viewer interaction and even monetary gain.

Make sure you don’t just mention these at the end of the video, as not every viewer will watch the whole thing through. To get the maximum amount of attention for your other sites and accounts, mention them at the beginning as well as the end, and be sure to leave the links in the description as well as on your channel banner.

To incentivize your viewers to do this, give a brief description of the site. Tell them what it has to offer. For instance, explain the various tiers on your Patreon to encourage them to donate.

Telling your viewers to like, comment, subscribe, etc. may not seem like a very effective move on the surface. But it is, in fact, quite beneficial in terms of subscriber count and viewer interaction. And these things will help your vlog channel grow.

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