Vlogging Tips for Beginners – Step by Step Guide


Vloggers allow their followers to find out about topics that interest them, but not through a classic reading of articles, but through recorded video. Video content is much more valuable for visitors because it animates more of their senses and leaves a stronger impression on them than written articles.

Also, it is often more practical because it allows viewers to see what you are describing or what the subject of the role looks like, how they can use it, and whether it is worth it. Vloggers express their views and values through vlogs and thus animate their audience who agree with them and follow them.

It all sounds wonderful in theory, but is it so in practice? Vlogging can be very challenging for beginners, whether you are transiting from a blog or starting as a real newbie. That is why we have prepared a few simple but useful tips that can help you survive your vlogging beginnings more easily.


Even if you are a person from whom self-confidence bursts if you kneel in front of the camera lens due to anxiety, you are not the only one. Most people are confused in their beginnings, so this case has not bypassed vlogging either. So give yourself time and let mistakes happen. If you do not like the video, start it again. There will be funny and awkward moments, but do not forget that this way, you will gain experience and learn how to work.

Try to correct speech errors both behind and in front of the camera. Instead of a camera, imagine talking to someone dear to you, family, or a friend. It will make you feel more comfortable in the presence of the camera, and you will be more natural. Talking in front of the camera will become your routine, so you might at least make that routine pleasant for yourself.


As it is the most difficult challenge for a writer to write the first page of a book, so for a vlogger, the first role is the most challenging one. Additionally knowing that you need to show yourself in the best light from the start, all of this can cause unnecessary pressure, right? However, do not attach too much importance to it everything that is done by force will not have a quality like the content that comes naturally to you.

For a start, you can create a vlog in which you will introduce yourself, what you like to do, why you decided to start vlogging, etc. The audience will get to know you more briefly, and you will create better connections. Once you are done with it, you need to determine what the main topic of the vlog will be and what you will be talking about most of the time.

Vlogs that do not have a specific topic but talk about almost everything, have less chance of success. Viewers will never know which next topic you will cover, so they will not be tied to your vlog. Try to determine at least the broader field you will be talking about, and then sort out the more detailed topics. It is always good to have a certain order and schedule.


The place where you record vlog is one of the most important things and can determine the fate and quality of your work. When thinking about the best place to do this, consider the following three things: lighting, noise, and simplicity.

Let the place where you shoot has a lot of natural light because it looks the best on the lens. Find a quiet place where no one will disturb you and where you will be able to shoot freely. Keep the background simple and minimalist because the center of the vlog is you, so a colorful background would distract the viewers.

If you do not plan to engage in traveling vlogging, indoor space would be great for shooting because you can control all the crucial conditions for shooting, regardless of the time and weather conditions in which you are recording the content.


video EditingWhen blogging, the job ends when you write a blog and publish it. However, with vlogging, video recording comes after recording, which can take hours. Many video editing programs will make your job easier and relieve you of hassle.

As most vloggers share their experiences or stories in general, they do not need much editing except for a few transitions that will connect the videos into one whole. That is why vlogs are very popular because they are simple and informative.

Video editing software that you can use for free are iMovie, YouTube Editor, Windows Live Movie Maker, and many more, there are a lot of them on the market, you just need to find the one that suits you.


social-media-iconsYes, you need to create things for your enjoyment, but the enjoyment is even greater when other people see your work and appreciate it. In most cases, viewers will not come alone but you will need to reach out to them, and there are different ways to do this.

If you already have a blog, you have the advantage because it means that you have a base of people who are interested in your story and who will probably visit your vlog too. But do not be discouraged if that’s not the case. Newbies also have the opportunity to promote themselves, both through social networks and by making friends with other vloggers who will promote and support them. Write comments, pay attention to their way of working, show them that you are also ready to support their work.

Vlogging is a great way to share your experiences, try new hobbies, help others, but also make money if you are doing well. If you are at the beginning of the road, do not be afraid, but dive into the challenges that await you and do not hesitate to have fun along the way.

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