How to Start Your Own Vlog Channel on YouTube

How to Start Your Vlog Channel On Youtube

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the best platforms for aspiring creators. It is a place for just about anybody to make just about any type of content. And if you are someone who would like to create their own vlogs, (video blogs,) then YouTube is your best option for a platform. The site rakes in roughly four billion views _per day_, so there is a high chance there will be people out there looking for the content you wish to provide. But how do you increase your chances of gaining a following? Of having a successful channel? Well, in order to run a successful channel, you’re going to need a solid start. The following guide will give you tips on how to give your channel a good start, one that will make the right impact from the very beginning.

What will your vlogs be about?

Of course, the first step is deciding what exactly your vlogs are going to focus on. There are a few things you should consider in order to decide:

* What are you passionate about? What subject(s) make you enthusiastic or intrigued?
* Do you have certain skills that others would like to learn? Perhaps you’re good at drawing, or painting, or crafting. You could share speed-drawings, or arts and crafts tutorials. Maybe you’re a good cook and would like to share your recipes. Maybe you’re good at a certain academic subject; you could create content that tutors those who struggle with said subject. And the list goes on and on.
* Can your videos be monetized? If you’re wanting to profit off of your channel, you should make sure that the content you create follows the necessary guidelines for monetization.
* Are you interested in any of the most popular genres on YouTube? These include gaming, makeup tutorials, pets, health, and fitness, discussing sports, how to make money, etc. etc. Of course, you don’t _have_ to make your channel about any of these if you aren’t passionate about them. But if you are, it is good to note that these genres have a pretty big following each.

Perhaps you now have an idea of what you would like to create. Now, reconsider the first question: are you passionate about this subject? If you aren’t, the audience will be able to tell. It is vital that you’re passionate about the subject of your vlog, and that you enjoy creating it; that way your passion shines through and the audience will have an easier time becoming interested as well.

Get the right tools

Starting out with the camera and mic on your phone and free editing software is by no means an unthinkable option; however, it is best to invest in getting higher quality equipment. As far as cameras go, there are plenty of less expensive options that are also high quality. Some good HD cameras cost less than $200 and work excellently for vlogging. Video cameras, of course, have a built in microphone, but for the best audio quality, it would be ideal to also invest in an external microphone. Then, of course, there is the editing process to consider. You can either purchase one or just stick with a free one like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, depending on how complex you want your editing to be.

If you are planning on making videos that require you to record your computer screen, you will also want to invest in a screen recording software. There are some free ones like CamStudio that are good to start out with.

So, in summary, the tools you’ll need are:

* An HD camera.
* An external microphone.
* A good editing software.
* (optional) A screen recording software.

What is your brand?

What will be the name of your channel? The name of your vlog series(es)? You can use your own name, or perhaps come up with your own brand name. Whichever you feel would best suit your channel. Get creative and come up with a memorable name that will distinguish your channel as your own!

Finally, set up your channel and begin!

Setting up a YouTube channel is quite a simple process. Just do the following:

* Create a Google account if you haven’t already.
* From there, head over to YouTube and sign up. You will be walked through the steps.
* Create channel art that represents your brand and your content. If you are not comfortable creating this yourself, you can commission an artist or graphic designer to create the icon and banner for you.

And from there, you can begin creating and uploading your own content to YouTube. And who knows? Perhaps you’ll become the next big vlogger on the site!

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