How to Create Great Videos for Your Vlog Channel

What will make or break your YouTube vlog channel is, of course, the content you post. The following text goes over some basic guidelines on how to make the best quality videos for your channel; the rest (the content in the videos themselves) is entirely up to you!

Plan, plan, plan

Some YouTubers have seen success just recording videos on the fly, saying whatever comes to mind, and having no solid plan for what the videos will contain. However, a much better strategy, especially for a beginner, is to plan out your videos. A good way to start the planning process is to create an upload schedule. Decide how many days a week you’re going to post and what particular days those are. Also, decide what topics you’re going to cover on each day so that you have a good blueprint to begin your filming process.

Creating a script and storyboard for your videos would be helpful as well. Of course, we’re not talking about a script you necessarily have to follow word-for-word or a storyboard that’s very long. The script won’t take very long; just make a brief list of topics and points you want to cover in your video and at what time you want to cover them. And the storyboard will give you a basic plan for what you’re going to do at each stage of the video: what the beginning, middle, and end are going to be, as well as any important points in-between you’d like to make note of.

Keynote: The entire video is, of course, important; however, make sure that the BEGINNING of the video is going to grab people’s interest. People don’t have the longest attention spans, and if a video doesn’t intrigue them from the beginning, they’re likely to click away to something else.

Some recording tips

Now you have a basic plan set up. Time to start recording! But how exactly do you make your videos look as high-quality as possible?

Well, for starters, you’re going to need good lighting. If you’re filming outside this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’re filming indoors, it would be best to purchase a bright light that is made for filming content. You can find some good lighting stalks on Amazon, eBay, or even at a local store.

Now film some test footage to make sure your lighting is good and your audio is clear. If something isn’t quite right, simply make an adjustment and try again until everything sounds and looks the way you want it to. Of course, you’re going to need a good camera and microphone for the best quality videos. You can find both of these things for fairly low prices, so no need to worry about spending every last penny on equipment.

You want to make sure you stay engaged with your audience. Ask them questions to answer in the comments, and ask them to subscribe to your channel. Staying engaged with your viewers will help in bringing more and more subscribers in.

A smaller tip that is also useful is to come up with a phrase to start off your videos and to end them. This will give your channel more individuality.

Now, time for editing

Your content has been recorded. Chances are the video is not perfect: perhaps there was an awkward pause, or maybe you stumbled over your words and had to restart a sentence. This is where editing comes in.

Editing programs can be expensive, but there are some free ones that are just as good and better for beginners. If you are unsure of how to use whatever program you downloaded, you can find many free tutorials on YouTube or on other sites that will walk you through the different features and show you how to use them. From there, you can cut out parts of the video you didn’t want, add transitions, and add in any other effects you feel will spice up your video.

Before you upload the video, watch the whole thing through one more time to make sure you didn’t miss anything in editing, or to make sure that you didn’t edit something improperly. If everything is as you want it to be, go ahead and upload!

Upload your video

The last step is to upload your video to your channel. Create a title that is both creative and gives the audience an idea of what they’re going to be watching. In the description, make sure you include keywords about the video that will help it appear in the search bar. Another good way to get your video to appear in a search is to include tags that are relevant to your content.

You now have a good start on your YouTube channel. With time, you’ll be seeing more and more views and more and more subscribers coming your way.

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