Getting More Views to Your Vlog Videos



For a vlog to be successful it needs to be seen. It is important to keep traffic flowing to your vlog to YouTube-views-1200x1200grow your audience. There are several different ways that you can generate more video views. Some of the ideas mentioned in this article may seem obvious but they bare repeating as many vlog owners do not understand the fundamentals of producing a vlog that people want to watch.

Tailor Your Videos to Your Audience

Some vloggers produce videos without their target audience in mind. These vloggers do not realize that they need to focus on their audience and their wants in order for their vlog to thrive.

Video created in your niche needs to provide value to your audience. Providing answers to your viewers’ questions is a great way to promote yourself as an authority in your field. You can produce lots of content around the answers your audience seeks.

Produce High-Quality Videos

Many aspiring vloggers just focus on their topic and not the medium they are using to create their content. If videos are hard to watch and look grainy people will not watch them. Problems with sound quality detract many potential viewers.

Look at your video with a critical eye. If your video does not impress you it will not impress your audience. You can improve the overall look of your videos by investing in a good camera and microphone.

Your audience will not expect your videos to look like they were produced in Hollywood but they will expect your video to be easily seen and heard.

You will not need to spend a fortune to find high-quality filming equipment. There are many low-cost high-quality video equipment options currently available. With these low-cost options, you do not have an excuse to produce low-quality videos.

Organize Your Video Content

Plan for your video to have a good introduction that has a call to action. You want to capture your audiences’ attention from the very start. Videos need to have a clear flow that viewers can easily follow. Finally, your video needs to have a strong conclusion.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Many vloggers operate in the same niche. You will not get noticed if your vlog is like every vlog in your niche.

To stand out in a sea of vloggers you need to be different. You need to capitalize on your unique perspectives and personality. Following what everyone else in your niche is doing will not make your vlog stand out from the herd.

An abundance of travel vlogs features popular touristic attractions. To stand out you may want to step off the beaten track. Find lesser-known places to share that your audience may enjoy visiting.

People like original content. They are drawn to different perspectives. Being different will help you win views and subscribers.

Be Search Engine Ready

You need people to find your videos so it is important to rank highly in both YouTube and Google searches. To optimize your videos you will want to make sure you do keyword research on your topic. You will want to create keyword-rich titles that people are actively searching for on your search engine of choice.

Make sure you add the word “video” to your title if you want your video to rank on google..

Your vlog description needs to be keyword rich and clearly state what your video is about. If your description does not match your video content people will feel hoodwinked. They will label your videos as clickbait and it will not be ranked well. This is why it is also important to make sure your keyword tags remain relevant and accurate.

Make Beautiful Thumbnails

Do not rely on the thumbnail that YouTube generates for your videos. Instead, make sure you create a unique thumbnail for your video. Doing so will help you attract more people to your videos. The most successful YouTube videos utilize custom thumbnails to draw more people to their channel.

Create a Unique Video Intro

A successful video intro lets people know about your vlog and your brand. If you are not the best writer you can find a freelancer to help you create an effective intro.

Craft a One of a Kind Outro

A good outro reminds your audience to subscribe to your channel, like your video, and share your youtube outro samplevideo with others. This call to action reminds people to engage with your video in a meaningful way.

Outros use either images or short video clips to get their messages across. Sometimes having a funny outro will provide regular subscribers incentives to watch your videos all the way through.

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