Five Reasons Why You Need to Start a Vlog

adam kontras

Vlogging is a casual, fun thing to do. Invented by Adam Kontras in 2000, he kicked off his first vlog adam kontrason 2 January [] while on a cross-country road trip from Ohio to Los Angeles in order to follow his dream of being in show business. Though he vlogged as a way to keep friends back home informed of his adventures, he unwittingly created a genre that is more relevant than ever 20 years later in our COVID-19 restricted times.

These days, vlogs have something for everyone: from travelers sharing the beauty of the world to businessmen interested in widening their markets to teachers wishing to find new methods of education and the list goes on.

There are many reasons as to why you need to start a vlog. Here are five:

1) It’s fun!

Vlogging is a fun and creative pastime. It’s a way to document your interests, travels, and life experiences and share these with like-minded souls. For this reason, many vloggers with similar content end up meeting and becoming friends.

The creativity of vlogging also provides entertainment because it offers people a unique way to express themselves. Planning the shoot, preparing the scene, filming and editing is a creative outlet made even more rewarding when shared.

There is a great deal of joy to be derived from vlogging and growing an audience, however, like all tools, there are dark sides and vlogging should be stopped when it ceases to be fun and healthy for your mental well-being.

2) Showcase your talent

Vlogging may have begun five years before YouTube entered our lives in 2005, however it was this platform that elevated the art of vlogging.

Thanks to vlogs, it’s no longer producers giving the performance the opportunity to shine. Careers have been launched and ordinary people have been turned into household names. It was vlogging that transformed Justin Bieber, who was just your average kid making home-made videos, and Canadian comedian Lilly Singh, who became the first woman to host a late-night talk show for the first time in 30 years,

Reality TV is now at our fingertips and entertaining YouTubers are the new stars of the day.

3) Reach wider audiences

Regardless of your business, chances are you can benefit from vlogging about your products and services. It’s an affordable way to showcase your business, targeting specific groups, and reaching clients you never thought possible. By offering premium content, you can demonstrate the benefits your business offers in subtle ways.

The possibilities are endless, however, in order to get the most value, you need to provide good content rather than offer straight-up advertising. You can vlog a day in the life of your business, showing employees happy at work while lifting the prestige of your brand or you can bring in guests to use your product in entertaining ways. From demonstrating your products to interviewing stakeholders within your business, the possibilities are as infinite as your imagination when it comes to promoting your brand.

By vlogging, you also increase your visibility and attract clients in an affordable way. YouTube activity increases your chances of landing on Google’s first page results as videos usually appear at the top in searches proving that visual info is just as important as a text-based presentation.

4) You can make money

Sponsorship opportunities for vloggers are currently sky-high, with influencers already having heralded a new era in marketing that have left newspapers and more traditional platforms behind. The trick is to love what you’re doing and, sooner or later, this will resonate with audiences – authenticity and passion usually do. Furthermore, by monetizing your vlog, the money will flow in abundance. And as your vlog grows, you may even end up quitting your day job to work on your vlog full-time.

5) You can be famous

You can reach an audience beyond your wildest dreams. After all, YouTube has more than a billion active users and offers a huge potential to be seen.

By putting yourself out there, you can connect with people, tell your story for the sake of posterity, share your talents, and be known to the wider community. There are already many vloggers out there who have become internet sensations. People like PewDiePie with more than 84 million subscribers, Logan Paul, DanTDM and so many others whose lives are followed religiously by fans. Why not you?

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