5 Ways to Monetize Your Vlogs

5 ways to monetize your vlog 3

For many YouTube vloggers, what began as a simple hobby became their source of income. This is a dream come true; what could be better than doing what you truly love and earning a living from it? So, how exactly did these vloggers do it? How did they turn content creation into their full-time job? How can you do the same? The following lists a few key ways you can earn some substantial money from your vlogs and make a living doing what you’re passionate about.

YouTube Partner and Google Adsense

An easy way to earn money from your vlogs is to become a YouTube Partner, and, from there, use Google Adsense ads on your videos. In order to become a YouTube Partner, you will need to meet some specific requirements that you can find on the support page. Keep in mind that these requirements do tend to change, so it is best that you check the support page rather than another site just to make sure the instructions are up-to-date.

Now, what exactly is Google Adsense? Well, basically, Google Adsense shows relevant ads that people pay to have displayed on videos, usually in the form of a banner. If one of these ads is presented on your video and a viewer clicks on it, then Google (and therefore YouTube) gets paid, and you do as well.

While this is a good starting point, Google Adsense ads certainly won’t make you rich overnight. They won’t earn you enough to make a substantial living creating content, but they’re a good option to start out with for sure.

Promote Products

For a simple example, let’s say that you make makeup vlogs. Tutorials on how to achieve a certain look, reviews of cosmetics, etc.

5 ways to monetize your vlog 2Well, you can get paid for doing this very thing. All you need to do is find an affiliate program that will pay you to refer people to their products, services, etc. Continuing the makeup example: if you have a makeup-related channel, you could be paid by a cosmetics company to speak about their products and send your subscribers to their store. Or, for another example: if you have a travel vlog, you could recommend travel companies, tour operators, etc.

Many companies are looking for channels to promote their content, and are willing to pay said channels some good money. Promoting products, services, and so on with an affiliate program is a great way to earn money on YouTube.

Promote Your OWN Products and Services

5 ways to monetize your vlog 3Perhaps you create vlogs/tutorials about a subject you’re knowledgeable about. Your viewers would likely be interested in advanced training courses on whatever you provide tutorials on. Advanced courses that you could charge a premium for. Or, perhaps you would be interested in online coaching. Using programs such as Skype or Zoom to have one-on-one coaching sessions with your clients can earn you some good money.

Or, perhaps you’re a crafting or art channel. Your followers may pay you for commissioned artwork. Or you could set up an Etsy shop for your crafts. You could even start to make merch based on your brand that you could sell through sites like TeePublic.


Many brands are aware that YouTube is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, if not THE most popular. Therefore, brands are always on the lookout for channels they can sponsor. This is a great opportunity for you, as you won’t need to sell anything; you will simply need to promote the product and/or services of the brand and put a link to their store in the description.

When your channel reaches a certain subscriber count, sponsors will begin to notice you. Once they do, you will begin to earn money via sponsorships; however, just make sure that you are comfortable promoting the brand offering to sponsor you.

Post Exclusive Content on Patreon

Patreon is a website that many creators use, especially YouTubers. It is a funding platform for subscribers and followers to support creators from a monetary standpoint, in exchange for exclusive content. Content that is unavailable to non-patrons. You can also create different levels of funding, with higher prices giving supporters more content. The site works very well and is a very common way for YouTubers to earn money.

From Adsense to sponsors, you can grow your channel and grow your income, and, eventually, you will be able to make a living creating content on YouTube.

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